Morning Arrival: Be sure to sign your child in each day. You will find a column on the sign-in sheet for estimated pick-up time. This is an important communication tool for us to know if your child is attending aftercare, so please be sure to fill it in each day. Thank-you! It is important for your child to arrive on time. When your child is brought in late, he/she may sometimes have difficulty finding their way into the group. Separation is sometimes challenging for children. To be loving, but firm in saying good-bye, helps your child to learn what is expected at school  and empowers him/her to have the best start for their school day. We frequently start our day with morning chores and then begin structured activities by 9:15. Please arrive in time to complete your drop-off transition by this time, thank-you.

Absences: If your child is absent due to illness or emergencies, call the school or e-mail and let us know. Please notify the class teacher as soon as possible regarding any planned absences or late arrivals. No tuition credits will be allowed for planned or unplanned absences.

Snacks: We offer a big, hardy snack in the middle of the class morning, usually something hot. We use organic grains, milk/rice milk, fresh eggs, fruits and vegetables. On Fridays, please have your child bring a fruit to share as we will be making a gigantic fruit salad for our snack. As the cold  weather arrives we will be making a soup, so we will need your child to bring a vegetable or pasta to share as we have yummy hot soup. If your  child has any dietary needs, sensitivities, or allergies, please let us know.

Lunch: Please have your child bring their own lunch. Pack healthy foods – the least processed the better. Include a protein, fresh vegetable or  fruit. Please No candy or sweet drinks. We also offer organic milk with a signed permission & also water is available. Your child’s food intake effects  behavior and development, so please choose wisely. We must continually educate ourselves in the current research to improve our diets. Thank  you for your support.

Clothing: To support a well-balanced, creative, and non-commercialized environment, we ask that you do not allow your child to wear T.V. or  movie character clothing to school. Have a change of clothes for your child to keep at school in case of accidents or spills. Please label everything  with your child’s name. To avoid tracking in dirt, we take off our shoes in class. Soft-soled canvas shoes, slippers or thick socks, can be kept at  school to wear during class.

Note on Warmth: A child’s sense of warmth does not mature until around the age of 9. This means that your child does not have a good sense,  until then, of what they need to wear throughout the day to stay warm or cool off. We need you to guide them in this, by dressing them  appropriately, guided by what you yourself would wear. Without suitable clothing, including a hat and gloves  in cold weather, the young child  must over-work their internal functions to compensate and thereby stress their whole development.

School Hours and Class Dismissal: We open at 7:45 a.m. with before care until 9am. Classes run from 9 – 1 p.m. each day. Our school day ends  at 1:00 pm. Please sign out the time your child is picked-up. If someone other than the parent is picking up your child, they must be on the  allowed pick-up list (on registration form) or you may leave a note for the teachers that day or message on the phone. Teachers are required to  card any strangers that are taking your child from school to check that they are on the list. Please let teachers know if you will be picking up early.

Look daily for any notices or parent letters that have your name on it that may be on the sign in table. Aftercare runs from 1 – 5:45 p.m.
Incoming calls/E-mails: Messages are checked frequently during the day and calls  returned as quickly as possible. Please leave us a message or send us an e-mail when needed.

Treatment of Illness, Accidents and Staff Trainings: A  child may not attend school with any of the following: Fever over 100.5 F; Diarrhea; Vomiting; Nausea; Severe cough; unusual yellow color to skin  or eyes, skin or eye lesions or rashes that are weeping or pus filled; difficult breathing or wheezing; or complaints of severe pain. If your child gets  any of these symptoms, they will be asked to rest on a mat and stay isolated from other children. You will be called immediately and asked to come  get your child. Any accident or injuries that occur while your child is on the school premises shall be reported to you, in writing, describing  the nature of injury and actions taken. Please sign this Accident Form and return. A copy will be kept on file at the school. All teachers at Circle of  Friends have been trained in 1st Aid. They have also been trained in detecting child abuse and neglect. Most of our teachers have taken additional  training in Darkness to Light Sexual Abuse Prevention. This national training educates adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child  sexual abuse.

Medication: Prescription or non-prescription medications will only be given to your child after you have filled-out and signed a Medication Dispersal form. Medication will be kept in a locked bag and teachers will document times medication was given.

Field Trips: Field trips may be taken throughout the year to enhance classroom activities. Parents will be notified and permission slips will need to  be signed by a parent for your child to attend. Parent drivers will be scheduled to transport students and supervise activities.

Visitors: Visitors to the classroom are welcome after prior arrangements have been made with the class teacher.

Insurance and Licenses: Circle of Friends Preschool and Kindergarten is licensed with the state and covered by liability insurance, as required by law.

Parent Evenings and All-School Meetings: We offer regular meetings, either by class or as a whole school, as we come together and learn more about the Waldorf Curriculum. We offer a chance to join in an artistic activity, learn more about what your child does in class and why and ask questions.

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Class teachers offer45 minute conferences in the late winter or spring or with parents as needed through out the year.

Birthdays: Birthdays are celebrated in a very special way at Circle of Friends, recognizing each individual child. The parents and other family  members are invited to attend a small ceremony on the morning of the child’s birthday, or in the case of a weekend or summer birthday, as  arranged with teacher. As your child’s birthday approaches the teacher will send home a handout explaining what will happen and how you can  help.

Emergency Closures: If school is closed due to snow a teacher will call you.  If some teachers can make it safely to school, we will offer  childcare only for those that must work.

Festivals and Class Parties: Our Waldorf Community regularly meets to celebrate the passing year through the festivals. We offer late morning  parties at Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, Easter and May Day (see calendar). We gather for potlucks at Michaelmas, (late Sept.) and  Thanksgiving (lunch potluck). We offer a very special evening called “The Spiral of Lights” ceremony, with candle lighting and harp music as a  pause in the very busy winter holiday season. Handouts will be available to learn more about each coming event.