These guidelines are strongly recommended for your child’s success at school.

Be on Time: Class starts at 9:00 am Please plan to have your child in class no later than 9:10. A big part of the Early Childhood Waldorf Curriculum  is creating a healthy rhythm. Nature is ruled by rhythms, but this rarely happens by itself in our modern times. Good planning is essential. Set-up  your morning schedule in a sequence that you and your child can learn and follow. There is a saying in Waldorf circles that states: “Rhythm  replaces strength” so when the little battles occur about what we’re going to do next, just let the rhythm of the day carry you.

Eliminate Television, Videos and Movies: Your child has enormous creative capacities!!! Trust that what they use, they will not lose. When we   allow our children to be conditioned by “entertainment” as passive as TV and movies, with content that gives them a view of the world that is not  authentic, we totally jeopardize their healthy development. We use the term ‘couch potato’ for a reason, and that’s what our children will become  when we train them at this early age to sit and watch and follow the crowd. Ideally, the TV should be kept in a room which the children may not generally use. Children will accept that there are things like smoking, drinking and television which are only for adults. As you become more  acquainted with the Waldorf curriculum, you will come to understand that the young child can easily live without this modern form of push-button entertainment. So turn off the tube, at least during the school week. You will see a positive change in your child’s creative ability. Thank-you so much!

Healthy lunch in a basket or non-media image lunch box: By packing your child’s lunch in a basket, paper sack (draw your own pictures) or plain  lunch box, we allow our children freedom to be who they are or to transform themselves through their own imagination whenever they like. We  also eliminate comparisons of who has what trendy item that seems to hold our society in a tight commercialized grip. A healthy lunch means  whole grain breads, crackers, nuts, cheese and meats, fresh fruits, veggies and no candy. I’m sorry but we do not heat lunch items in a microwave.  A wide-mouth thermos for hot foods would be an excellent alternative.

Circle of Friends is a commercial-free zone! We discourage marketing images and products to our children via corporate logos on clothing, backpacks, etc.

Thank-you for your attention to these guidelines
Miss Marcia, Director