Red Rose Waldorf Kindergarten

Teacher: Marcia Langeberg

Our mixed age Waldorf Kindergarten recognizes that young children learn through imitation, and through active engagement of their creative capacities. We offer a curriculum rich in artistic exploration, opportunities for healthy social development, and structured activities for purposeful work. Our playful environment fosters curiosity, and preserves the magic and wonder of being a child. The class follows daily, weekly, seasonal rhythms thereby creating a secure, safe environment with an emphasis on cooperation and respect for each other and our classroom. This is the foundation we provide at CIRCLE OF FRIENDS Red Rose kindergarten.

The daily and weekly activities include:

  • Storytelling – fairy tales, nature stories, puppet plays
  • Artistic activities – watercolor painting, beeswax modeling, crayon drawing
  • Practical activities -baking, sewing, fingerknitting, woodworking
  • Creative Free Play, Movement Circle, Singing, Circle Games
  • Seasonal activities, crafts, performances and celebrations
  • Healthy Snacks – organic, children bring a lunch from home

The uniqueness of the curriculum lies in how the children are taught. The approach is oral… dramatic…artistic…and creative. It develops the child’s confidence in themselves and the world and frees their natural creative potential.


Daily Rhythm
9 am Arrival and Daily Chores
9:20 Movement Circle
10:00 Outside Play
10:45 Snack
11:00 Quiet Time/Storytelling Circle
11:30 Creative Free play with Art
12:30 Clean Up
12:40 Lunch
1:00 Parents arrive- good-byes

Daily Artistic Activity
Mon. ~ Drawing plus Beeswax Modeling
Tues. ~ Baking
Weds.~ Painting
Thurs.~Handwork w/sewing & crafts
Fri. ~ Tumbling, balls, jump rope work, soup making

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