Morning Glory Preschool Class

Teachers: Maria Flores

Assistant Teacher: Edna Powell 

Our Morning Glory Preschool Class is specifically designed for 3 year olds. We start the day with a creative free-play time, and  then an artistic activity is offered at the table. We offer many opportunities for the young child to try new things and build new skills. We also  support creative expression during the day in all we do including a movement circle and story time. CIRCLE OF FRIENDS is a Waldorf Early  Childhood Program, which provides a secure and nurturing environment to expand your child’s natural creative potential. The class follows a  daily, weekly and seasonal rhythm that brings a feeling of security, and an interest in others and care of our world. This is the foundation we  provide in the MORNING GLORY Preschool Class.

The Daily and Weekly Activities include:

  • Storytelling – fairy tales, nature stories, folktales from around the world
  • Artistic Activities – watercolor painting, crayon drawing, modeling, crafts
  • Practical Activities – baking, sewing, woodworking
  • Creative Movements, Singing, Circle Games,
  • Imaginative Play and Drama
  • Seasonal Activities, puppet plays, performances and Celebrations
  • Healthy, Organic juices and snacks

Circle of Friends is a commercial free environment (see guidelines)

Daily Rhythm
9 – 10:00 Arrival & Welcome then
Creative Free Play w/ Artistic Activity
10:00 Busy Gnome Clean-up
10:15 Movement Circle
10:45 Snack
11:15 Outside play
12:00 Inside w/ Rest
12:15 Story time
12:30 Lunch brought from home
1:00 Parents arrive~ good-byes

Daily Artistic Activity
Mon: Watercolor Painting
Tues: Baking
Wed: Tumbling & Modeling
Thurs: Drawing
Fri: Seasonal Crafts
Artistic Activities rotate days during the school year.

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