Parent Comments

“Thank you for all that Circle of Friends did to care for our boys and prepare them for kindergarten – and life! We feel so lucky that we found Circle of Friends. The teachers were always so warm and nurturing – no wonder (our boys) felt so at home during the three years there. I know my boys were a challenge! You will be pleased to know they love (their new school) and are thriving there in separate classes. They are doing just fine academically and we’ve had no reports of behavior issues! It was an easy transition for both of them from preschool to Kindergarten, no doubt because of the confidence and social skills they gained at COF. If anyone ever questions whether Waldorf prepares kids adequately for kindergarten, you may refer them to us!”

“…I have been grateful for the love and care that lives at Circle of Friends. As I am sure any parent can attest, one of the things I value most is knowing that my children are loved and well cared for when I am not with them. The teachers you have chosen have been absolutely amazing.”

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