Bluebell Nursery Class

Teacher: Pam Accaria

We are so pleased to invite your child to join the Blue Bell class, our nursery class for 30 months old and older. The Blue Bell class is an introductory nursery class for young children to come together as a group of 5 children with one teacher, to make new friends, enjoy creative freeplay and some  teacher-led structured activities following the Waldorf methods. We provide a healthy environment for your child to explore and play including  simple artistic and sensory enrichment activities, stories and seasonal activities.

Please note: Children do not need to be potty trained.

The Daily and Weekly Activities includes:

  • Storytelling: nursery rhymes, nature stories with puppets
  • and felt board
  • Artistic Activities: baking, crayon drawing, modeling, crafts
  • Gross Motor Development: tumbling, water play, and circle games,
  • Practical Work: helping w/ snack, folding clothes and ironing
  • Self-Help Habits: handwashing, potty training
  • Creative, imaginative play with natural toys
  • Healthy, organic snacks and juices (students bring lunch from home)

9am Arrival and settle in
9:15 Creative Free Play with some table activities
10:15 Clean-up
10:30 Circle games then wash hands for snack
10:45 Snack
11:15 Outside Recess
12:00 Inside w/ Rest
12:15 Books and Storytelling Circle
12:30 Lunch
1:00 Parents arrive ~ good-byes

Before and after care is available for $4.25/hour (7:45 – 8:45 and 1:15 – 5:45).


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